Monday, July 13, 2009

God is SO good!

We had some excitement today. Our neighbor came over and asked if I had noticed the police cars on the street. I had noticed one car, but once outside, I saw several police cars. Rakey spoke to one of the officers and was told that our part of the block needed to be evacuated. There was a man in a house a few doors down, who had barricaded himself in with several firearms. Georgia, our neighbor, said she almost asked the cops if they realized this is trash day, but was glad she hadn't. The more I thought about that, the funnier it became. I'm glad I didn't talk to the police - I probably would have asked!

SO, I was in the middle of a mail merge and needed mailing labels anyway; I picked up my laptop & my purse, put on flip flops and walked out. It was a bit surreal walking out the front door in shorts and tee shirt seeing two SWAT team members in full gear with rifles drawn peering around the oleanders across the street. I waved to them, got in my car and high-tailed out of here!

As soon as I left the block, I felt burdened by the desperation the man must have been feeling. I pulled over in the shade and called another prayer warrior. We prayed until we felt release. Then I went about my rat killing (not actual rats - running errands around town).

Later, I called the police department and asked if I could go home. They said no, not yet. I sent out an urgent prayer request. I went to my friend Darlynna's house and afterwhile, we heard on the news that the standoff had ended. The man had fallen asleep! The police robot, who looked remarkably like Number Johnny Five, entered the house through the front window and the police could see on remote video that he was sleeping. No one was injured. The man was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Isn't our God good? Who can fall asleep with the police and SWAT team outside your house without supernatural intervention?

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Stephanie J said...

Hi Cindy! I'm not sure if this is the right blog to contact you at, but I just wanted to pop in & say thanks for entering my candy - good luck! And thanks for that story, too - HILARIOUS! (Glad no one was hurt, and I'm glad things worked out well!)