Friday, July 3, 2009

Finally! An update!

I started Bible College last week. I expected it to be "school" as I remembered it. I went prepared with something salty, something sweet and something with caffeine. I couldn't believe how quickly the time went by! Our one smoker finally asked for a break. I love it! It's going to be a lot of work, but I love it!

I expected support from friends. Silly me! I told my "best" friend. She scoffed and told me that she thought my timing was poor because I'm just restarting my jewelry business. Hmmm... supportive? I think not. Could it be that she is my up-line and let her own selfishness speak?

I have to remember that I'm living for an audience of one. Just in case anyone thinks by that I mean,"I'm self-centered and I don't care what anybody else thinks," that's not it. What I mean is that I want to please God and if someone doesn't like it, I don't care! If you haven't tried it, BELIEVE ME it isn't the same thing! Nah, don't believe me, try it. It's one of those things that's simple but not easy.

We went to a 4th of July / Birthday party yesterday for one of our friends. She doesn't tell her age, but she is a great grandmother. The party was at her house. It rained so it was much cooler than originally expected. Everything was great! Good company. Good food. Great music...

What do you do when children are rude and their parents do nothing or just don't notice? In the living room was limited space and very limited seating. On of the guests had been asked to sing a couple of songs and everyone crowded in. There were three children of different parents sitting in prime spots - comfy chair and comfy sofa - playing games on their phones or whatever. Headphones on! Either tell them to sit on the floor and let some of the elder folks sit down or go outside and let some of the elder folks sit down! I held my tongue but it wasn't easy! Overall though, it was a very nice evening and I'm glad we went.

These days, it seems that whatever friends home we go to, they have a grand or baby grand piano. I suppose we have room for a piano but then we would need to learn to play. This probably would be bad timing for that. : D

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