Friday, February 20, 2009

I confess - it's not all about me

I have to confess - I follow several blogs. Most of them, I don't actually read; I subscribe to see the pictures. They are from sister paper artists (we're all women so 'fellow' just seemed inappropriate!) and I like to see what color combinations they're using, new techniques, imaginative layouts, etc.

There is one that I read every single time. It is: Paper, Ink, Scissors & Stamps. The author is Deb and I have written to her and asked when her book is going to be published! She has a hilarious way of saying everything. Even my sweet husband knows that when I start laughing hysterically, he had better hit pause because I'm going to read yet another Sheila story.

My favorite for beautiful, beautiful cards is: Amazing Paper Grace. I love Becca's creations! The card she made for 2/7/09 was perfect! You should go look at it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting easier...

Last Sunday night, our little dog died in her sleep and we're both doing better with it. I've gotten calls and e-cards from many people - thank you!

This week I heard a few things relating to this. My friend Peggy told me that she believes, as does our Pastor, Mark, that our sweet pets go to Heaven. I'm not sure but I like thinking that they do! I would think Heaven would be just a touch less... heavenly without them.

and there was something else, but

Monday, February 2, 2009

Highs and lows

Thursday was a wonderful day! My sweet husband legally adopted my darling adult daughter! I have wanted this to happen but it had to come from him... and it did! The night before Natasha and Chris married in Las Vegas, Rakey asked her to be his daughter. So many happy tears! The paper work took awhile and last Thursday, we went to court and got the official "okey dokey" from the judge. I really didn't expect it to be an emotional moment, but it was. So sweet... Very touching.

He spent all weekend asking the same people over and over again, "Did you know that I have a daughter?" He loves her so much! Just like a Dad ought to.

Thursday before going to court, I dropped Texielou off at the vet - she appeared drunk, but I knew she'd been laying off the booze* for quite awhile, so we figured that it must be her sugar out of control. It was! She was in insulin shock. She had her insulin shot and then her pancreas decided to make a contribution and oh-oh! Too much insulin for a little dog! We left her in the hospital over the weekend and early Sunday morning she died in her sleep.

We loved her with all our hearts and she loved us even more. She gave us "movie kisses" when just a single lick wouldn't do, she could put anyone to sleep whether they wanted to or not, she always had happy tail when we got home even if only gone for a minute, and when she went to the vets' office, she would try to reassure all the other animals that they'd be okay. She was a friend to all and never met a stranger.

A saying on a pillow sums it up for me... I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am."

* I don't want to hear from any animal rights people - of course, I was joking!