Sunday, July 5, 2009

STILL not gonna steal my joy!

P.S. The washer is still waiting for repair. The service person is scheduled to come on July 9th. I have a sweet friend that loves to do laundry so she invited to me to her house to wash clothes. I know! LOVES to do laundry! She told me that as she folds the laundry, she prays over each piece. Isn't that the sweetest? As she folds the t-shirts, she prays for strength for her husband and that his shoulders will be strong enough to bear the weight of his responsibilities. As she pairs the socks, she prays that the path will be straight and that they walk in the way of the Lord. The when she folds the underwear, for her sons, she prayed for chastity and for her husband, she prays that he be kept from temptation.

When I came home, I began doing the same with our laundry.

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