Friday, June 19, 2009

trying to steal my joy...

In the past twenty-four hours, the enemy has tried to steal my overwhelming joy and I keep laughing at him... it began with our sweet dogs, Tinkle & Lady Poops-a-lot, making certain the the carpet was not clean for our daughters' visit. I have a favorite pair of shoes that is getting a little worn, and I picked up a second pair on sale a couple of weeks ago. They've been worn once. Daisy was over on the floor chewing away on something and when I saw that it was a pair of flip-flops, I told her NO and replaced the flip-flops with one of her chewy bones. Apparently, the rawhide doesn't have quite enough of that good leather flavor, so a few minutes later I notice her happily chewing away on my new pair of shoes! I took them away from her and replaced them with her chewy AGAIN! This morning, I was packing up my jewelry for Allie's show and I heard crunching. Hmmm. Daisy was chewing on the windowsill. I made our bed, fresh and pretty with all the pillows. I changed the sheets on Natasha's bed. Took the down blanket out of the dry cleaner wrap and laid it on the bed and noticed a large tan-colored stain on the white blanket! Bravely I smelled the spot; surprisingly it smelled good... and then I recognized the scent of the diffuser from the back of my car. It must have spilled on the clean blanket. No problem! It was time for me to get dressed for the jewelry show. I had chosen my outfit last night. I went and put it on and noticed that I needed a camisole. No problem! They were in the washer - my fourth load of laundry of the day. Hmmm... I don't remember a soak in this cycle... I went to check the laundry. The washer has died. Oh well, no time to call the repair guy. Got to the jewelry show. Everything went well. I only forgot my phone and my datebook. Fortunately, I'm just restarting my business so I knew my schedule. It all worked out and my joy is still mine! Whooooo hooooo! Thank you Lord!

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