Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One bite at a time

I realized in the last few days that I have been looking at losing weight as a big deal - which it is. I know there are many benefits awaiting me. But when I think of how much I have to lose, how long will it take, what a commitment, etc., it finally dawned on me that I need to look at it as I would other goals. Break it down! So, I have decided that I will lose five pounds. I KNOW I can do that! Then when I lose five pounds, I'll lose five pounds. Brilliant! Yes? Thank you Lord! I know this inspiration came from you!

Here we go! The other thing that will help me with this is our new puppy, Daisy. She is a terrier/pug mix. Constant motion, boundless energy, excellent walking companion... okay, excellent is an exaggeration, but this morning she sat when I said sit! Yippee! That's a first! Hey, don't be critical! She's a puppy.

Wish me thin!

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