Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let the demolition begin!

So the contract was signed. Down payment was paid. And the contractor and crew showed up. Things started off so well! Our driveway was filled with wood and power tools and a trailer. How exciting!

On the other hand, Rakey's health was on a steady decline. It appeared that we had gotten into this almost accessible house just in time. I was spending more and more time helping him and caring for him. I was really unable to concentrate at work and it wasn't brain surgery! So I quit my job to stay home and take care of Rakey as needed and to keep an eye on the contractor and crew.

VERY good decision! There were constant questions and things that could not be answered over the phone and a stream of what seemed like ants in and out of the house. The kitchen was gutted and the new design was evolving in a sketch on the wall. The ceiling was raised and vaulted (because it felt very confined in there!) and the cabinet discussion was an ongoing dialogue. How deep? How many? How high? How low? Do you really want them THAT high? That deep? and so on...

The wall treatment... The color of the walls in the kitchen were a cross between tomato soup and terra cotta. I had fallen in love with the color combination I'd created in our D Street house and I wanted to do it again. Kind of a golden-sunshiny-tan. Okay, it's peanut butter and honey. Sounds completely awful, doesn't it? I love it! Oh and please learn from my mistake! If you're going to do it yourself, pick a color and stop looking at other colors, shades and variations! The end result came out perfectly as I'd envisioned but it was a loooooooong bumpy road!

One day, someone dropped something and took a chunk out of our tile floor... that we did not intend to replace! And oops! A ceiling support fell and dented our 3 week old refrigerator! And one of the ceiling supports on the other end of the room wouldn't budge, so they forced it. Great it went up and it fit... right through the wall to the dining room.

Minor inconveniences or a glimpse into the future of this project? Read on and you decide!

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