Friday, January 16, 2009

Not feeling pressured (I'm lying!)!

For the new year, I decided that I want to incorporate more art in my everyday life. Not a resolution, just a decision. A choice! So why do I feel so pressured?! No one but me is doing it, so I need to let it go!

I joined a year-long online workshop, called,"A Life Well Crafted."
I joined a 3-month workshop, called,"Get Organized and Be Inspired."
I joined a 6-week Watercolor Journaling workshop through one of my online groups.
And I joined an ATC texture/technique workshop, which I had better drop.
I still have house projects going on - I need to finish putting on the kitchen cabinet hardware, hang an entire wall of photos, finish cleaning out the garage, hang towel racks in the master bath, and stain the kitchen plaster. Those are just the basics! That doesn't include the projects I have yet to begin!

Whew! I think I feel a little less pressure just writing it down.

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