Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let the house search begin!

The search began. I drove around. I scanned the internet. I even scanned the newspaper! And of course, we called Bill Lanier. Charmaine came and evaluated our house and she started hunting. She showed me house after house. (I've always found that I know when I walk through the front door when it's THE home for me.) So we kept on looking.

There was one very elusive house that we wanted to see but had many obstacles. From the description and the photos, is seemed perfect! I was told by a realtor, at an open house, who didn't know us that from what I told her that house would be perfect for us. I determined that we were going to see that house. I prayed. I drove around it... okay it bordered on stalking! I saw the owner outside and waved to him hoping that he would invite me in. He didn't. Finally, I told Charmaine that if the owners told her that we could only see it at 3:05 AM, that's okay! We'll be there!

Well, we got an appointment and it was convenient! We went to the house, prepared to meet Mr. and Mrs. Hyde. I promised to be on my best behavior! Rakey planned to meet us there. The owner came outside and showed us around the yard, telling what each little grouping meant and he was very personable! He said his wife would be home soon from the store. "Well," I thought, "SHE must be the difficult one." She arrived a bit later and was also very sweet and personable. Where were these difficult people we had heard about? After we saw this beautiful home, the man invited Rakey into another room to pray for him! He said he noticed that Rakey was limping and he wanted to pray for him.

This was positively a Divine appointment! The house was perfect! We loved it! We were ready to make an offer! We told the couple of our intention and headed home. We were ecstatic! We prayed, giving thanks for letting us see this home. After praying, I opened my eyes and looked at Rakey. Uh-oh. "What answer did you get," I asked. Rakey said, "The answer in my prayer was that the people who live there are the ones who are supposed to live there." Yep. My answer was almost exactly the same! We called them and we called our agent.

About 30 minutes later, the homeowner, Dan, called and asked if he could bring the "big gun" prayer warrior over to pray. Of course! Well, after praying, Rakey and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Praise God!

The bad news? Keep looking for a house!

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