Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"the" house

So the search began again. I kept feeling drawn to Greentree but at the time, the only thing for sale in our range was a two-story house. Then I saw a new listing for a house with the most beautiful interior photos I'd seen. Rakey agreed. To make a long story short, when we saw it in person, we knew immediately that this was it. We sat and talked over the details in this gorgeous family room, with the high ceiling and "judges paneling." (Think courtroom) We looked at the beautiful master bedroom and bathroom. Planned for our prayer room and Rakey's office.

What were we thinking?!!! Every single other house we looked at, if the kitchen didn't cut it, we didn't bother looking at the rest of the house! We completely overlooked the kitchen!

Once we moved in, it was very apparent that the kitchen needed some updating. Our refrigerator was small by comparison to new ones and although it fit snugly into the space, you couldn't fully open the freezer door, because it crashed into the window sill. When I pulled on the oven door, the handle was so loose that the only reliable way to open and close it was with an oven mitt on either side. The microwave was just sitting on a shelf over the oven and it looked just like the original RadarRange my mom had... the one where you felt like you should temporarily assume the role of a dental assistant taking x-rays and step out of the room. During the attempt fo preparing our first dinner, I discovered that the range had inconsistent heating, which made it impossible to coordinate things!

After a couple of months, we decided that we needed new appliances. Great! We bought all new appliances, except the dishwasher, and wow! Those cabinets really did look shabby and I don't mean shabby chic! They were so shallow, that our plates wouldn't even fit inside without bumping the doors.

So on September 1st, we began remodeling...

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