Friday, February 20, 2009

I confess - it's not all about me

I have to confess - I follow several blogs. Most of them, I don't actually read; I subscribe to see the pictures. They are from sister paper artists (we're all women so 'fellow' just seemed inappropriate!) and I like to see what color combinations they're using, new techniques, imaginative layouts, etc.

There is one that I read every single time. It is: Paper, Ink, Scissors & Stamps. The author is Deb and I have written to her and asked when her book is going to be published! She has a hilarious way of saying everything. Even my sweet husband knows that when I start laughing hysterically, he had better hit pause because I'm going to read yet another Sheila story.

My favorite for beautiful, beautiful cards is: Amazing Paper Grace. I love Becca's creations! The card she made for 2/7/09 was perfect! You should go look at it.

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Mike & Tycie said...

Hey girl,
Sorry for this random comment but I noticed you are a follower of Allie Brown Layouts and I just wanted to let you know that there is a new site that is similar in style that you might like as well! Check us out @
Thanks so much!